Big thanks to Seeds Please! Fletcher has always been a bit of a hard keeper. Weight doesn't stay on and hard to increase his muscle mass. These photos are before and after he started Seeds Please. In four short months, he looks amazing! He eats the Seed Feed and a custom IR formula.- Brooke Stainthorpe

Top picture is today, almost a month on Seeds Please while the bottom picture is back in March. She has filled out and her dapples are popping out!  FOOTNOTE: In the bottom picture, she was at her skinniest. Huge weight drop unexpectedly which didn't look too hot for a big boned oldenburg. She lacked muscle tone and you could feel some bones sticking out. Now, with less grain in her diet (she started porking up), the dip in front of her withers is gone, she has a better topline, she has more muscle, and she has received major compliments from a Rolex rider that we train with once a month.- Kassandra Vicente

Before Itch Me Not
After 3 weeks

Let me introduce Titan! He was very itchy, and was on Benadryl (still itching). Now he has Seeds Please "Itch Me Not" equine supplement, and is being weaned off of the Benadryl! The picture on the left was taken at the beginning of July, and the picture on the right was taken a few days ago after being on Itch Me Not for about 3 weeks. So happy he is healing well!!

Before Seeds Please

Ace is a draft cross that cannot tolerate grain, and he lives on an all hay diet.  This is his "before" picture the day that he began Seeds Please!



After 1 Week

This picture shows Ace after only 1 week on Seeds Please!  Nothing else has changed in his diet or routine.  



After 2 Weeks

Ace continues to do well, and his owner is very happy with his progress!



Before Itch Me Not
After 3 Weeks

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first... We started one of our horses on the Seeds Please supplement a month ago to try them out. I chose to feed them to a mare that we imported - 5 year old Hanoverian that is already 18.0 hands! Since we bought her she has been very hard to keep weight on, coat was dull, and she was a bit of a picky eater and didn't like some of the other powdered supplements we had tried. I have changed nothing else other than adding the seeds to her feed and have noticed a big improvement Her coat is shiny, she has gained some weight and muscle and best of all she loves to eat her seeds! I plan to recommend them to others and hoping to start all our show horses on them this month. Thanks for a great product!- Rick and Heather Dayner, Turning Point Farm, FL

Satisfaction - a happy Seeds Please eater & Reserve Champion Junior Hunter FInals 2015!- Melissa Vander Vennet/Over The Hill Farm

We put my favorite show thoroughbred hunter; who's always been plagued by some tummy trouble, on the new seeds supplement (Seeds Please Tummy Appease) about a month ago. He cleans up his feed bucket now; finishing his best pulp finally, too!- Liz Cloutier

We've been using these seeds (itch-me-not formula) for a week on a rescue mare with dry, itchy skin and rain rot and I gotta say, I was skeptical at first. But they really do work!! Shiny coat and no more flakes! They have really done her a world of good. In two days we saw a change in her attitude. She seemed brighter and more alert, but still just as quiet. She started sweating easily (another issue she had) and though we had both been working like crazy at her coat there was no 'real' shine from within. She's super shiny now! Her skin is much less flaky and dry and her appetite has improved. She'd often leave most of her hay behind but now she devours it. Swelling in her joints has hugely decreased and she is moving easier with no more stiffness. There are a lot of all natural anti-inflammatory's in the seeds and we truly believe they have helped her. And she has put on weight fantastically all week!! We highly recommend them, they are worth every penny. They were the last piece to the puzzle! Oh, and the mare loves them too! She looks for them in her feed every time. Thank you for such a great (and local!) product! Always happy to support a small business!- Teresa Berry

"Poli thoroughly enjoys his seeds and I have noticed a shinier, healthier coat. I would recommend seeds to anyone!"-Jennifer Medlock

"Oh my goodness am I seeing dapples all over Rose... and we are starting in to our third week of SEEDS PLEASE. This stuff has got to be amazing!  Rose has typically been a non sweater we started her on this supplement and I cannot believe that her coat has shed and she has all these dapples"- Sandy Sue Holbrook/ Sugarbrook Farm

My mare developed severe rain rot after being on pasture for 1 week. She has been on the Seeds Please Anti Itch formula for 1 week now and I have already seen dramatic improvement in her skin. I am a doctor of chiropractic that primarily works on animals and I plan to recommend this product to clients. It is one of the few grain free, non-GMO, omega-3 rich equine supplements on the market!- Angelique Barbara DC

So Maggie has been on Seeds Please for approximately 2 weeks...but after just 1 week these dapples popped up all over her! I highly recommend this all natural supplement!- Liz Cloutier



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