I am SO EXCITED to share this with all of you! Let me introduce Jax to you. He had a severe case of Pemphigus (a skin disease that causes very painful blisters on the skin), and was being treated with Prednisone. The before picture (with the tire) shows how his face had the painful tell-tale blisters of Pemphigus. His owners wanted another solution besides Prednisone, and they found Seeds Please Itch Me Not! The other 2 photos are of Jax today. Happy, healthy, and OFF OF Prednisone! He eats his Seeds Please Itch Me Not everyday, and stays blister free (and his coat has never looked better according to his owner).

Hi Heather, I received my seeds last Friday - I'm amazed at the improvement I see already with border collie, Burn - he's been so itchy and has had really flakey dry skin - my vet did a skin scrape a couple months ago and said he had a bacterial skin infection - he was on antibiotics for 10 days which seemed to help but then he started itching and biting again even causing hot spots - he had been on different kinds of fish oils, special diet, Benadryl, etc but nothing really helped until I started him on the seeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Good Morning Heather,
I meet you at Saddler's Resale day in September. I was speaking to you with my mother about the seeds for dogs and we have one dog that has an autoimmune issue and takes steroids. Well the best thing is since using your product we have been able to wean him down to one pred, every for days and he was getting it every other day. Thanks for your great products! Horses are looking great and dog is doing awesome.

Thanks again

Amanda Baumann

GCH . Clussexx King of the Mountain is the number one NOHS Clumber Spaniel and top ten Clumber all systems! "Flounder" loves his Seeds Please Canine Supplement!! Another happy Seeds Please eater

Great product! My dog was constantly scratching. I changed her food several times (which helped some), tried topical remedies, etc., etc. Not much improvement. However, "seeds please" has made all the difference in the world. She is virtually scratch free and her coat is shinier and softer than its ever been.- J. Ducas

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