Our Story

Our story began with a quest for an all natural product with no preservatives that would give our horses a balance of Omega oils & other nutrients.  We could not find exactly what we were looking for, so Seeds Please! was born.  We only source the best ingredients for our product, and rest assured that none of our ingredients are sourced from China.  Horses, dogs, and cats love the taste of our seed mix, and it supports coat, hoof (for horses), digestion, and immunity.


Grass is full of Omega 3 oils, but once it is cured and dried for hay, it contains very little to none.  This is why supplementation for horses is so important, and our seed mix can help fill that void.

Natural prey animals eat grass, and their meat has a higher Omega 3 content than their domesticated counterparts.  Most dog/cat food (even raw) is not completely grass fed; and therefore reduced in Omega 3 oils.  This is why Seeds Please! is so important to your dog's diet.  It also contains a mix of seeds that support digestion as well as support proper immune function.  


We believe that ingredients are the most important part of a supplement.  Our ingredients are sourced from the USA when possible, but they may come from other parts of the world.  We will list the country of origin for all of our ingredients on this website on the ingredients page.  If you every have any questions, please contact us directly for a speedy reply!



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